Monday, June 14, 2010

Memory in written form

Yes, its been sometime since my last posting whether there is a justifiable reason or not. To say the least, I utilize the act of blogging to write-down the novel approaches that hover over both my left and right hemispheric brain that drives me to write in a unified approach to the ideas that could make a difference and can have meaningful relevance. With that said, and as counseled by the many proficient and highly-regarded technologists, write-down what you think you can create rather than talk-about what you think you ought to do with what you believe needs to be created. In short, its call prior-art of in the public domain.

In a few days (hopefully, less), I will write down my thoughts around Prepaid Roaming for Latin America and Caribbean markets, where my goal in that new Post, will attempt to convey what is wrong, why, and the how to fix it. Inasmuch, talk about how mobile telephony is changing the migration behavior of people when it comes to improving their lives, and how the lack of harmonious roaming is inhibiting the growth of these people and economies.

See you soon.

Thank you for your patience.